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07 February 2004 @ 02:50 pm
FIC: "Hey Honey, I'm home!"  
Title: "Hey Honey, I'm home!"
Author: Osiris Brackhaus (OsirisBrackhaus@aol.com)
Pairing: Orli / Heath Ledger (A Knight's Tale)
Rating: R
Feedback: Yes please! Any kind of - I'd like to know how to improve my skills!
Warnings: RPS, major sap,
Summary: After two month of work far away, Heath returns to his home he shares with his lover, excited to learn what kind of welcome he'll earn when he says: Hey Honey, I'm home!

Credits: To Beryll, my love, my strength, my life. Thanks so much for putting up with me, thanks for giving me a home I can return to. This one's for you.


Putting down his suitcase with a mute sigh, Heath faced the dark wooden door of his own place with a tired look. He definitely should have asked the taxi-driver to help him carry his luggage up the stairs. Living somewhere amongst the roofs of downtown London was lovely, but without an elevator it quickly turned exhausting.

Should he have called Orli to pick him up at the airport?
But he had only jumped on the plane within some minutes notice, and Orli surely had better things to do than trash his whole plans for the day to go and fetch one tired, worn-out Heath from the airport.

Anyway, he was home now. Back home to his lover, back home to his cats, back home to his own bed and bathroom.

Tired as he was, the thought of Orli sitting in the bathtub, fine wisps of steam rising from the ever-too-hot water, and Orli's somewhat stupid cat sitting on the rim, blinking bewildered into the murky depth managed to make him smile as always.
Orli's slender limbs, his subtle muscles, gleaming moist in the low light...

'What a funny kind of family we make', Heath thought when he nestled in his pocket to get the keys. If Orli was there? Probably not. He'd most definitely be out, shopping, training, lying in some Park enjoying the sun.

It was now almost two month ago that he had left their mutual place in London, where they had moved in after deciding that whatever had started between them that night in Ian's garage wouldn't go away so soon after all.
That, in contrary, it seemed to have turned into one very stable relationship.


Smiling silently, Heath unlocked the door, for some reason trying to not make much noise, as if returning late at night instead somewhere in the afternoon.

'Let's see what kind of chaos Orli has left for me to clean up', Heath thought. 'I hope he hasn't kept the garbage up here all the time.'

But to his great surprise, the most prominent thing he could notice was that all was clean, before Orli's huge white tomcat came running down the hallway, his somewhat graceless, clumsy walk indicating that it had only just now woken up and was still struggling to gain control over his body.

"Bhumi!", Heath exclaimed, swiftly closing the door behind him. "Oh you stupid, smelly cat, come here! How I have missed you!"
Taking up the heavy, furry lump of a cat into his arms, rubbing his nose fervently at it's exceedingly fluffy stomach, he cuddled the animal and wondered just how much he had missed this not at all so little nuisance.
Bhumi himself purred irregularly, gently pawing Heath's face, obviously enjoying the return of his master's lover.

"You huge lit – ", Heath began, but immediately noticed that unshaved as he was, his face had accumulated quite an impressive amount of Bhumi's ubiquitous hair, hanging in the stubble of his chin and upper lips, most of it apparently now clinging to his tongue.
"Blargh", he exclaimed, dropping the cat, fervently trying to get the hair out of his face and off his tongue. "I definitely was away too long. Yuk. How could I forget not to cuddle you before shaving...."

Still wiping his face, he had not at all noticed the silent shadow falling into the open living-room that marked the entrance of their flat.


Orli's voice trailed through the air, mellow, relaxed, gentle like a kiss, hitting like a hammer.
Heath thought his heart must have missed a beat, judging by the jumping feeling in his chest. He looked up, staring at his lover as if seeing him for the first time.
Leaning leisurely to the frame of the wide glass-door separating the lounge from the terrace, Orli had his arms crossed in front of his chest, smirking mildly.
He must have been out on the roof again, lying in the sun, and he was wearing nothing but light, wide cotton trousers.
Heath drew in his breath as his heart clenched in his chest. Had he really deserted such a lovely creature for such a long time? And of all things, why?

The sun was shining splendidly onto the terrace, and outlined Orli's slender frame most advantageously. Even the sensual lines of his long legs were visible through the thin fabric of his trousers.

Mentally shaking his head in disbelief that such perfect beauty should truly have waited for him such a long time, Heath watched in wordless wonder as his lover left his position at the door and walked over to him in graceful, languid strides. Hardly Heath noted the familiar creaking of the wooden floor, but it gave this scenery the one little bit it needed to be ... perfect.

"Gods", Heath managed to stammer under his breath, "you're so gorgeous..."

A subdued grin blossomed in Orli's classic face, and when he reached Heath, his lips split apart to reveal a brilliant smile, saying:

"That's very sweet of you, but what about something like 'Hey Honey, I'm home'?"

Orli's body smelled of sun-lotion, radiating the heat it had probably been absorbing all day already. A slight feeling of vertigo washed over Heath as this exclusively perfect specimen of a human male slung his arms gently around Heath's waist, distinctively pressing his hips against the other's loins.
The smell of sunlight, summer and Orli that wafted around Heath didn't do anything to clear his senses, and the feel of his lovers sun-warm body against his own nearly made him forget just how exhausted he had felt just moments ago.

Closing his arms around Orli in return, Heath drew his lover into a long, thorough kiss instead of wasting any words on how much he had missed him. And Gods, just how he had missed him.
His hands wandered up the warm, smooth skin of Orli's back, feeling elegant muscles underneath perfect skin.
Taking in one last, deep breath of his lover's scent, Heath loosened his embrace, leaning back a bit to have a thorough look at Orli's face.

Gods, he thought, that is what I hate about living together with a movie-star when you're just an ordinary person yourself: you just can't stop watching.

And instead of making the effort of searching for any words to describe what he felt, he just leaned forward once more, kissing his lover with delight, touching his lips, his face, his throat with his own lips. Barely he noticed that Orli in turn was beginning to tug at his shirt, seeking a way himself to feel his lovers skin that so long had been denied to him.

All the more he had to blink in irritation when Orli suddenly pulled out of their embrace, wiping his face, spitting, grinning sourly.
When he noticed the worried, questioning look on Heath's face, a wry grin split his perfect face, and ruefully, he answered:

"Cat-hair. Should have known better."

From somewhere within himself, a relieved giggle broke its way, and Heath wiped his own face almost in reflex.

"Your cat's just his old, fuzzy self, isn't he?"

"Why the hell did you have to cuddle him before me? Yuk. He should have been bald several times by now, judging by the amount of hair he's loosing every day."

Both looked questioning at the cat that right now was sitting next to one of Heath's suitcases, sniffing in naive bewilderment at one of the flight-tags, giving the perfect impersonation of innocent cuteness.

"Doesn't look like it, though," Heath said after a short while, still holding his arms around his dark-haired lover.

"No, not really."

They looked at each other again, and Orli wiped a strand of hair out of Heath's face, a slight note of concern in his brows.

"How are you, my love", Orli asked after a moment of silence. "You look tired."

Heath nodded silently.

"Too much work, too little sleep. But now I'm home. Finally. We're finished."


"Yep. No more shootings, no more retakes. Interviews will start in three month, maybe even four."

"Gods; that's great!", Orli exclaimed, gesturing wildly. "We'll be together almost all summer! Oh you gorgeous -"

And then he slammed into Heath ferociously, pressing him against the door behind him, holding his face in both hands, kissing him wildly.

"Oh, Gods", Orly said between two kisses, "I - could just - eat you - alive."

"Urrghl - ", Heath managed to press out between the caresses of his lover, his arms flailing, trying to get some kind of control over the situation.
But then again, what for? It was absolutely as he could have wished for, Heath thought, so he just stopped flailing and closed his arms around Orli once more, this time holding the other man close to his body, deeply taking in the sensation of his lover's warm, smooth body.

Both men leaned against the door of their flat, kissing each other, revelling in the long-missed feeling of the other's body close by.

Until a distinct, pronouncedly displeased wail besides them made them stop simultaneously, looking to the sideboard right of the door, where Heath's tiny black cat had placed herself, all her perfect posture expressing deepest disinclination and condescending dissatisfaction.

"Rani!", Heath exclaimed enthusiastically, wriggling himself out of his lover's embrace at the same time. Rolling his eyes, Orli just shook his head, smiling.
The relationship between Heath and his cat was something... special. Smilingly, he watched as his lover took up his still very unamused cat, carefully placing her on his arm, stroking her head gently.
This surely must be the most malcontented cat on the whole planet, he thought, as Rani jumped off Heath's arm with another pronounced, rather unpolite 'ack'.

"How has she been, the last weeks? Bearable?", Heath asked, his eyes wandering between his lover and his cat.

"Well, she's been complaining your absence wildly every single day for a few hours, started to get aggressive on Bhumi, and then usually ended up sitting on the chimney, staring into nothingness as if pondering suicide. But apart from that - no, I think she was fine."

Answering Heath's wry grin with a gentle smile of his own, Orli pulled his lover into his arms again.

"We all have missed you. Terribly. And it's good that you're finally back home. Very good."

Putting his head on Heath's chest, Orli allowed himself a calm moment of tenderness, giving himself a chance to realise that his lover was home. And wouldn't leave again. At least not this summer.

With a deep sigh, Orli said:

"I have missed you so much..."

"I know", Heath answered, gently caressing his lover's head, holding him gently. "You missed me just as much as I missed you, and that must have been terrible..."

"Ah well,..", Orli started with a badly concealed grin, mischief glinting in his eyes so much like little sparks. "It was not so bad. I have made some new friends."

"New friends...?"

"Yep. On the Internet."

"On the Internet...?"

"Sure. Josh's quite cool."


"Yeah. What's wrong with that?"


"Then why do you look so... suspicious?"

"I'm looking noncommitive, dear. Why, is there any reason to be suspicious?"

Orli ponderously looked at Heath for a moment, then his grin widened even a bit more, gaining a definitely lewd connotation.

"Well, - no. Not really. I think."

Giggling, he dropped his head against Heath's shoulder again, holding him still as if he might run away again if ever he let his guard slip.

"Gods, I have missed you terribly."

"And that is why you did *something* with *Josh*."

"Well, it's better than turning aggressive against bystanders or unfaithful, isn't it?

"What is better?", Heath asked, still more amused than irritated.

"Oh. Well, we - I - you know, we - ..."


"You'll read it anyway, one time."

"Read what?"

"What we wrote, what else?"

Shaking his head, laughing softly, Heath hugged his lover tightly, nudging his head gently with his nose. What a comforting feeling that even after such a long time, their innuendo was completely unable to raise any worry or suspicion within him. He could trust Orli, and whatever had or had not happened, he would learn of it sooner or later, and it probably would turn out far more harmless than it sounded even now.

"I love you", he whispered into Orli's dark hair.

"And I love you. More than anything else."

Orli looked up, deep into Heath blue eyes, saying:

"What about moving to the bedroom?"

It took Heath a moment until he gathered why exactly Orli wanted to go somewhere else, and when he did, he couldn't help but blush. A tiny bit, at least.

"Arr, Orli, that's sweet", Heath answered, regret already in his voice. "But I'm tired, dear. I - "

"That wasn't a humble request, sweetheart", Orli replied with a gentle threat in his voice, the surprisingly pink tip of his tongue flicking just so quickly over his lips. "I'm hungry. And you know that it's rather unhealthy not to feed me."

'Yeah, right', Heath thought. 'You're turning violent when you do not get what you want.' Smirking inwardly, he added: 'But how can I mind you wanting *me* ?'
So he cuddled around his lover again, nicking Orli's earlobe with his teeth.

"I humbly obey. But I fear you'll still have to convince my body of joining in the show..."

The fiendish grin on Orli's face was more than answer enough. He definitely was starved, and he would go any extra mile to get what he wanted.

"Sweetheart, I doubt your body will offer much resistance. I most definitely doubt", Orli said in a low voice, blecking his teeth in such a feral gesture that it made hot and cold shivers run down Heath's spine.
How can this boy be so cultured and so wild a the same time, he wondered.

"It would be the first time your body would be anything less than cooperative, to say the least, dear..."; Orli added as he took Heath by his hands, gently dragging the young man towards their mutual bedroom.

As Heath turned a wry look back towards his suitcases he left at the door, his lover tugged his hands to gain his attention, saying:

"Dear, my mighty warrior is now home to receive his reward – we'll mend your broken armour later on. And don't worry. I'll make it most comfortable for you..."

Despite his weariness, Heath felt an anticipating grin sneak up his face.
He had missed the impish moods of his lover, had missed his determination, his ability to enthuse him. How could he ever have lived without him?

Their bedroom was a large, low room at the end of the flat, the only window still closed by shutters, making this room a cool and dark retreat from the glaring and blisteringly hot summer outside.
How they had argued about the colour of the walls in this room, Heath thought with a wide smile as he gently got shoved onto the sprawling bed.

When they had moved in together some time ago, Heath had wanted something white, something calm for his bedroom, Orli had insisted on violet instead.
So they eventually had settled on a light green, and now both of them had grown surprisingly fond of it.

Not that the colour of the walls had been distinguishable anyway in the gloom of the place, the only light falling in through the open door.
'But who would need walls anyway', Heath mused, 'when a man like Orli is kneeling between your legs, purring and definitely up to something I am only allowed to talk of when no kids are around?'

With a minute sigh, the Australian watched his beautiful lover move closer to him in the shady darkness of his own bedroom, once more amazed by the other man's slender grace.
Reaching out for Orli, he touched his shoulders, let his fingers run gently down the soft, still sun-warm skin of his arms, feeling the gentle strength underneath.
Heath felt his mouth go dry as almost involuntarily, an image grew to surprising prominence in his mind: the image of Orli's muscles tensing up, his skin glinting with a sheen of sweat, moving in a rhythm of passion in his arms, panting. Taking in a deep breath, he knew that however tired he might have felt, however worn-out and uninspired, he would never be too tired for that.

Gladly giving in to his awakening passion, he took his lover's head in his two hands, pulling himself up to his lips and kissing him fiercely. When finally let go of him with a last, delightful smack, Orli commented in a low voice:

"Well, now look who's suddenly back from the dead... "

Then, lower, he added:

"So let's go and see who else we can raise..."

With these words, the short-haired man bent down to kiss Heath' throat, purposefully pressing his whole body against the man lying underneath him on his back.
Moving downwards in small movements, Orli made sure that his partner would feel as much physical contact as possible, and even before he came to the first button of the blond man's shirt, he was rewarded with a soft groan.

Smiling happily, Orli shifted his own body again, trying not to put too much weight on his lover, just enough to make him feel – him.
And his hardening interest in him.

Heath scent seemed to permeate the room again, like something that with time had gradually faded away as well out of the physical universe as out of memory, and then returns with both joy and the little shock of how terribly one had missed it without realising.

Once more Orli felt Heath' passion rise, felt his lover's body react to his caresses, and he felt himself immersed, supported by the gentle, unyielding love Heath almost radiated.

Laying down on top of his blond lover, his nose close to one of Heath's ears, he said in a whisper:

"I have missed you... missed you so terribly..."

"I can imagine that...", Heath answered in a low voice, his eyes closed to concentrate on the sensation of Orli' lovely body so close by. "And whatever else I might have missed, my body for sure remembers what we haven't done in damn long time..."

With a nefarious grin, Heath bend up, gently turning his lover over, until he now was lying on top of the dark-haired beaut that wondrously enough, had been his for quite some time now.

"Gods", the blonde said, closely inspecting his lover's face. "You are fucking gorgeous, do you know that?"

"Mhm, yes. Actually, I've been called so several times. But you are the only one worthy of me, so I'm fucking gorgeous for no-one but you."

Both grinned at each other, kissing gently.
Heath touched Orli's cheeks with his lips, revelling in the sensation of the smooth skin that showed only a hint of the stubble that would grown there before the day would be done.
As if trying to see his lover's face by touch alone, he went on, touching the dark-haired's brow, his chin, his throat, nudging Orli's collarbone gently with the tip of his nose.

Heath sat up, watching the man underneath him with silent amazement. Sure, he knew every inch of Orli's skin by now, but then, it was like the first time again each time they were together. His lover had put his hands underneath his head, smiling calmly, obviously watching Heath extensively.

Smiling back at him, Heath let his hands wander over Orli's stomach, not without noticing the tiny bit of envy he always felt about the ease with which Orli apparently could keep his body in such impeccable shape.
And such a smooth skin, the few hair that crept up from out of his pants only an enticing promise of more to come.

With this lover, Heath felt so damn ordinary every time, hardly able to remember that he no less often had heard about his beauty, and that his fanmail did not contain any less indecent proposals than did Orli's.
But hey, that celebrity charm seemed to work on everybody and apparently did not exclude celebrities themselves.
Grinning, Heath thought to himself that this would explain so many of his colleagues being so fond of themselves...

Moving further down with his hands, he felt the hot hardness of his lover underneath his hands, radiating even through the fabric of Orli's trousers.

No briefs, Heath noted.

Gently moving his hand up and down the length of his lovers best part, deeply enjoying the feeling, watching his lover's face twitch with lust with a certain satisfaction.

Well, some things you never loose.

Lifting himself a bit off his lover, Heath took Orli's trousers with both hands, pulling them down to his knees, deeply taking in the first wave of passion that run over him as he saw his lover's body exposed to him, Orli's skin gleaming like silk in the low light.

Bending down again, Heath touched Orli's cock with his cheek first, once again surprised of how soft and smooth the skin was, how the pulsing hardness incited such a similar reaction with his own body.
Stroking the whole length with his hands, gently cupping his balls, Heath heard how Orli moaned softly, taking back his head as much as he could, arching up his body in anticipation of more.

And you can surely have that, Heath thought, kissing his lovers dick, taking in its' tip, gently testing it with his tongue. Grinning inwardly, Heath already knew what was to come when he carefully pulled back the others foreskin, touching the sensitive head with his tongue, warm, smooth, delightful.

And as expected, Orli bent up again in shivers of lust, trying to suppress a groan, all the muscles in his body tensing up in a most advantageous way.

Works every time, Heath thought. Knowing each other definitely improves sex, whatever others might say. Little work, but big impact.

Giving Orli a short break, the Australian sat up, pulling his shirt over his head, even managing to get out of his trousers and briefs before his lovers really noticed; snuggling in next to him.

"Gods, how could I ever survive without you?", Orli asked, slinging his arms around his lover. "I should chain you to this bed to prevent anybody else from finding out how good you really are. They'd fight for you in the streets, you know that?"

"You exaggerate shamelessly", Heath replied with a smirk.

"Not really."

Orli turned over to his side of the bed, fishing for something beneath the bed, returning only moments later. Carefully, he then started massaging Heath' dick with some slick liquid.

"I need you", his whispered into Heath' ear, his hands still busy downwards. "Take me", and rolled onto his back, spreading his legs wide to accept his lover.

This was an invitation hardly anybody would have refuse, Heath thought to himself, and breathing deeply already, his whole body humming in anticipation, he moved over, positioning himself carefully between his lover's legs.
Still hovering a mere inch over the other man's body, he moved back and forth, just enough to feel his nipples touch Orli's skin, his hair brushing against his stomach, both their dicks touching each other.

Heath waited a moment until Orli's eyes had met with his, before he reached down between his own legs, preparing to enter his lover's body. When he was sure that he held Orli's gaze, he pushed forward, gently, slowly, but steadily, unrelentingly.

He saw Orli's eyes widen, felt him gasp for air as much as he felt himself immersed in the sensation of entering him, probably gasping just as well. The dark-haired man grabbed Heath' shoulders, fighting his reflex to tense up, his fingernails biting deep into his lover's skin, still both their eyes fixed into each others'.

When Heath motion stopped, his lover's suppressed gasp ended in a tiny but very satisfying yelp.
Kissing him gently, Heath could not prevent a wide smirk from spreading in his face.

"What!", Orli asked exasperated, his breath coming short, fast. "What's it that makes you grin, you evil man!"

Putting on his best 'I'm-a-dirty-bastard'-face, Heath answered:

"Hey honey, guess what, I'm home!"
AutumnSparkle: RedHeathautumnsparkle on February 8th, 2004 08:56 am (UTC)
Ohh I'm so glad that someone posted!

And oh my God, it was SO AMAZING! I *really* love your descriptions, and the sweet interaction between our lovely lads, it was seriously beautiful and gorgeous! *drools*

Mentally shaking his head in disbelief that such perfect beauty should truly have waited for him such a long time, Heath watched in wordless wonder as his lover left his position at the door and walked over to him in graceful, languid strides.

Aww.. I loved this part.

I really love your writing style, and I can only hope that you'll write some more Heath/Orlando for us! ^^
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on February 8th, 2004 10:08 pm (UTC)
Oh thanks so much for this lovely FB! :D
Well, I'm happy you like my style, and I can only hope I'll be able to match those high standards I apparently now have set for myself ;-)
And yes, there's quite some stories of the two sweethearts waiting. I'll post them one by one to this list, but in case you can't wait, those that already are finished are all archived on my site Fafnir's Lair at www.morningchilde.com.
I'm already working on another one, together with Beryll, but that on will still take a bit of time until it's gonna be posted.

So, once again, thanks so much,
take care,

AutumnSparkleautumnsparkle on February 9th, 2004 03:34 am (UTC)
Ooh I can't wait to read them! But I will restrain myself, I'll wait patiently until you post them up here *grins*

I always believed there couldn't be a better pairing than Viggo/Orlando, but I was sooo wrong!

cecine on February 9th, 2004 10:37 am (UTC)
Wow, that was so... First so sweet, then just hotter and hotter... I love it! Can't wait till you post your other fics.

osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on February 9th, 2004 10:09 pm (UTC)
Hey Marianne,

Thanks a lot!
I am currently a bit upset with Heath for there are pictures of him last Christmas on Bondi beach where he looks like your average ugly guy, with his head shaved and a flabby stomach... *grumble*
But in my imagination, he still looks like in his early days, and he's just a perfect match for Orli ;-)

take care,
chichiriachichiria on February 10th, 2004 04:03 am (UTC)
*blink* uhhh...

damn, do you know how hard it is to come up with something to say after reading something as delicious as this? i'm having difficulties over here... *drinks cold glass of water*
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on February 10th, 2004 05:24 am (UTC)
Hope your difficulties are nothing serious... :D
Glad you liked it,
take care,