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16 February 2017 @ 02:37 pm
Release Day: Packmasters #1 - The Relics of Thiala  
Originally posted by rynthjan at Release Day: Packmasters #1 - The Relics of Thiala

Our new book is released today!

Twenty years ago, the evil Packmasters used their genetically engineered bestiae in an attempt to seize control of the galaxy. The Core Worlders wiped them out, scorched their planets and kept the few surviving bestiae as trophies.

As one of those pampered pets, Cat doesn't care about old stories. But as soon as he crosses paths with Ana, she suddenly becomes his heart, his soul, the centre of his life - just like a real Packmaster of old. Together, they embark on a daunting quest to find out what really happened during the war.

Now their misfit pack must face down the darkness at the heart of Packmaster society before it can poison their bond. The truth will either destroy them or grant them the power to shape their own destiny.


You can find it here:
and various other retailers.

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