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16 July 2015 @ 02:43 pm
EuroPrideCon - Summary  
Wow, what an experience! I am still feeling rather giddy, even several days later. Even my completely banal day job couldn't douse my spirits.

There is little point in actually summing up the events one by one. I think the lovely Julie Bozza has made a tremendous job of that already, have a look here.

So, what made this con so special? The usual, of course - putting a bunch of people together who share the same passion and many experiences is bound to make for a really interesting and exciting time. And while this con definitely didn't always run as smooth as this German would have liked, the staff managed one pivotal thing to the point of perfection: From the youngest, shyest reader to the famous keynote speakers, everyone felt included. And probably because of that, conversations always started flying after a few sentences. We were readers, publishers, authors, each of us with varying degrees of experience - but it felt as if we were all just fans of the same genre, all chatting each other up, trying to get more fun out of the whole business.

It was great. It was exciting, productive, inspiring, and last but not least, encouraging.

So a big hug and 'thank you' to Marc, Dani Elle, Anna and all the others for their great work.

And personally? The panel I felt so insecure about actually turned out pretty great. I mean, it wasn't hard considering I was sitting there with Rebecca Cohen and Justine Saracen. Even though we didn't really find anything we could disagree upon, we managed to talk about what makes historical romances tick, and where we would draw the lines to alternate history, steampunk or historical fantasy (or, as Justine put it: historical goofing off - a completely respectable genre!).

The few books I brought were sold and signed in no time, and I am still completely flabbergasted by that fact. Admittedly, the cover of Lovers in Arms is outstanding, and a strong selling point in its own right besides fitting the story perfectly. So kudos to Natalya Nesterova, who did the artwork.

So in sum, there is only one thing left to say - come 2016, I will be back for EuroPrideCon in Berlin!

juliebozza: rainbow cakejuliebozza on July 19th, 2015 09:09 am (UTC)
Huzzah! I did indeed enjoy chatting you up, Osiris - I mean, chatting with you. Thanks for linking to my report! Looking forward to seeing you in 2016. :-)