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04 October 2013 @ 12:39 pm
OT: City of Titans Kickstarter  
Alright, this is completely OT but very dear to me, so please bear with me for a moment.

As some of you might know and most never cared about, I've been playing City of Heroes (CoH) for many years. CoH was abruptly shut down last November for no other apparent reason than studio politics. And much more than the actual game, the community has been what I (and my fellow players) have missed the most. Yet ever since the initial announcement of the shutdown, the CoH community has refused to give up and disperse.

We are heroes; this is what we do.

One of the possible ways to find a new home is building a new one. A new game, a new place, for a an old idea and a cherished community.

Now, since October 2nd, 'City of Titans' is up on Kickstarter, and is well on its way to being funded. The spiritual successor of CoH that might just become the new virtual home we have been hoping for.

This project deserves my signal boost in more ways than just me wanting to fly with my fellow heroes (and villains) once again. This is an online community project. Fans building a game for other fans, working mostly with volunteers. No corporate overlords, no investors, no studio. No revenue margins, no market research. Just a bunch of folks making their own game.

This is us.

And that is why I think this project deserves as much of a signal boost as it is possible.

*steps off his little soap box*

Thank you for your time.