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13 June 2013 @ 05:58 am
FIC: Serin's Secret Garden, Part 10/18  
Author: Osiris Brackhaus
Story Title: Serin’s Secret Garden
Part: 10/18
Rating: R/NC17
Configuration: m/m, M/m
Characters: Kendrik/Yaden, Kendrik/Luca, Kendrik/Yuri Dracon
Warnings: slavery, prostitution, rape mentioned, violence, sex, sex on stage, various abuse, severe brainwashing, murderous flora, drugs, potentially underage sex.
Word Count: 3.900/50.000
Setting: 'Phoenix Empire' verse, see Phoenix Empire Timeline & Index and the Phoenicipedia
Summary: Together with some of his ‘colleagues’, Kendrik plans his first proper show after last night’s success…
Feedback: Yes, please! Constructive criticism welcome!

“Oh my god, you should have seen him!” Luca gushed much to Kendrik’s discomfort. “They were spellbound, I tell you, spellbound. I have heard Baron Yuri was seen crying, can you believe that?”

The last part was new to Kendrik, and it didn’t feel good. After all, they were talking about an extremely rich and well connected Dracon here, and definitely someone who wasn’t going to take things like this lightly.

“Actually I can’t.” Mia gestured with her spoon. “Baron Yuri is old as a rock and about as soft. No feelings in that one.”

“Maybe it was an allergic reaction?” Ryan added with an evil grin, laughing at his own joke.

They were sitting together in the bright and cheerful canteen of the Secret Garden, having lunch together as if they were working in some average office, an not in the most depraved brothel on Serin.

Kendrik had come here with Ryan after they had spent the better part of the morning trying to piece together enough content to at least offer a small show tonight. They had wanted to sit down and talk through some songs that Ryan was thinking were suitable additions to his repertoire.

But as soon as they had picked their food and were searching for a place to sit, Luca had spotted them. He had already been sitting in one of the spring-green booths, together with a beautiful brunette girl of barely twenty years. And of course, Luca had insisted that they joined them, and was now telling the story of Kendrik’s raging success last night in the ‘strip club’ in ever growing proportions.

At least, Mia was quite realistic about the importance of one tiny performance here, a fact that Kendrik was profoundly grateful for. She seemed like a smart young thing altogether, only all the more reason for Kendrik to feel irritated by the long, dark bruise that ran along her jawline and spread onto her throat in the distinct pattern of two hands choking her. The brightly lit, cheerfully spring-colored décor of the place didn’t help one bit to ignore how abused she looked.

“Didn’t Baron Yuri offer to buy you?” she asked, now using her spoon to scrape the last bits of ice cream from the bottom of her bowl.

“He did.” Kendrik replied. “But I don’t think my owner’s going to sell. He’ll much more enjoy rattling Yuri’s cage.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” Ryan added, still chewing on the last bits of his steak. “Baron Yuri has his ways. I think he’ll let your owner think he’s playing him for a while, and then he’ll make him an offer he can’t reject. One way or another.”

“No.” Wide-eyed but very firm, Luca shook his head, softly laying a protective hand on Kendrik’s shoulder. “He won’t give his beloved pet to that old fart.”

Normally, Kendrik would have laughed at this oddly sentimental view, especially as he knew that he wouldn’t be sold, no matter how powerful and important Baron Yuri was. But the moment Luca’s hand touched his arm and brought their auras into direct contact, Kendrik found himself flooded with the boy’s emotions despite his best attempts not to.

Like dark blue wings with silver tips, Luca’s protectiveness wrapped around Kendrik’s mind, his worry like a cold winter wind he was shielding him from. It was such an honest and clear emotion that, for a heartbeat, Kendrik found himself completely immersed in the imagery.

But Ryan snapping his fingers right in front of Kendrik’s face brought him out of it instantly.

“Kendrik? Are you okay? What the hell was that, you were completely phased out.”

“Sorry.” Taking a deep breath to gain a second or two to think, Kendrik wondered what would be a probable excuse among whores. “Bad memories. Happens occasionally, nothing serious.”

“We all got those.” Mia replied matter-of-factly, and apparently considered the matter closed. “So do you already know where you are going to perform?”

“Not really. For one, I hardly know all the options, and I am really new to the business, so Ryan and I - “

“At first I thought of the opera,” Ryan interjected. “But that’s not nearly personal enough for his style.”

“The red-and-gold one?” Luca asked, excited. “What a shame, the colors there would have fit his hair perfectly...”

“My thought exactly. But he needs something more intimate, as questionable as the strip club, but classier.”

Thoughtful silence fell around their table, each one thinking about a potential location for Kendrik to perform while finishing their respective lunches.

Food here was exceptionally good, Kendrik had to admit. Not quite as good as what his husbands cooked at home, but pretty damn good, still. Actually, there had been days in the Army of the Scilla Republic when he would have given an arm and a leg to have this kind of food in their mess hall. It was simple fare, some grilled meats and lots of vegetables, bread and cheeses, but all of impeccable quality and perfectly prepared. It was pretty delicious.

Once again, the Secret Garden showed that there was a reason that this establishment had remained on the top of the food chain for several centuries. Considering the relative luxury the staff of the Secret Garden was living in, the customers had to be paying through their noses for every smile on the other side of the curtain, Kendrik found.

“Hey, would it be okay if I join you?”

The voice belonged to a tall young man who had suddenly appeared right next to their table. At least as tall as Kendrik, he had bulging muscle that spoke of hard work instead of careful training, a deep tan and tousled brown curls. Together with his plain t-shirt, worn leather pants, big hands and an even bigger smile, he looked like a cardboard cut-out for a ‘healthy farmer boy’. Even Kendrik found himself smiling, the back of his mind delivering several completely unasked-for, naughty images of what one could do with such vibrantly virile company.

“Sure, sit down.” Kendrik replied, still smiling. “I am Kendrik.”

“Hi. I am Leighton.” Reaching across the table, Leighton shook Kendrik’s hand with his own massive paw, their brief contact filling Kendrik’s mind with bright browns and greens, with fresh air and sunlight. What a welcome change. “I am new here.”

“Yeah, thought so. Well, welcome at the Secret Garden,” Kendrik replied. Only now he noticed his other companions looking rather unhappy with his decision to invite Leighton to their table, Luca looking positively queasy. Kendrik could feel a weird discomfort from the boy sitting next to him, as if he had a long and guilt-ridden history with Leighton. Which he couldn’t have if Leighton was new here... Kendrik decided to sort this out another time. “So where do you come from?”

“Malicorn,” Leighton replied with a distinct note of pride. “I was last year’s swine swinging champion.”

“Really? Wow, congratulations!” Kendrik had heard a lot already about that particular tournament, and not everything he had heard had made sense to him. But it was an athletic event that drew visitors from all over the Empire, and Kendrik definitely didn’t want to appear disrespectful. Leighton sure as hell looked the part of a successful farmer and athlete, and the way he smile widely with his ridiculously white teeth made told Kendrik he had made the right decision.

“It was just a lot of luck,” he tried to play down his achievement. “The weather was perfect and my pigs were so drowsy they almost fell asleep on their own.”

Kendrik grinned and nodded, even though he didn’t even have the slightest idea what Leighton was talking about. Of course the swine swinging had to do something with pigs, and Kendrik was pretty sure he had seen healthy men hurling around sleeping pigs in some magazine, and some images of said men massaging those pigs, though he couldn’t have said how much of that was part of the competition. He hadn’t paid much attention to the text, anyway.

“So, what are you doing here on Serin?” Kendrik asked, hoping to distract from his ignorance. He had barely closed his mouth when he remembered that he had sworn not to ask questions any longer here in the Secret Garden.

“Oh, Madam Tochka invited me over, asked me to stay for a while.” Smiling with genuine, wide-eyed excitement and wonder, Leighton added: “I’ve never been on another planet before, and people here are so nice. Can you believe it? Madam Tochka paid for everything, and in turn I just have to hang around and talk to the guests about my tournament. And of course, some massages.”

Leighton’s cheerfulness at this whole sordid business was so discordant that Kendrik had to blink.


“Yes, of course.” Wriggling his strong hands, he added: “I’m usually only working on my pigs, you know, to help them relax. But it seems to work nicely on people, too. At least they all say so, but they are probably just too kind to tell me the truth here.”

Now this was getting ridiculous. Casting a sidelong glance at Luca, Kendrik noticed that the boy was quite effectively pretending to finish his lunch, but his emotions betrayed how much Leighton filled him with disgust, horror and sadness in equal measures. Ryan and Mia seemed to feel pretty much the same, at least by the looks of them, while Leighton seemed to notice their discomfort only now.

“I am sorry if I did anything wrong,” he said, his face showing genuine insecurity. Turning back to Kendrik, he added: “Most people here don’t like to talk to me. I don’t know why, though.”

“Neither do I...” Kendrik said, wondering what was going on here and already dreading the answer.

“I think I’ll pick another table,” Leighton suddenly said, his voice heavy with sadness. “But it was really nice talking to you, Kendrik. Maybe we can work out together sometime, just you and me, yes?”

“Yes, that sounds good.” Kendrik replied, silently embarrassed by the fact that he was relieved that Leighton was leaving on his own, though that might also have been Luca’s relief echoing through him. “I’m looking forward to that. See you around, then.”

Leighton nodded kindly, took up his cheerfully avocado- and peach-colored tray and left for an empty booth well away. Kendrik followed him with his eyes, fighting the urge to ask what this had been all about and why his companions had been so awkward all of a sudden. He was so very sure he didn’t want to hear the answer.

“What the hell was that about?” Kendrik blurted out, turning around to the rest of the table. “He was just trying to make friends, is that so hard to face?”

“Oh god, I need alcohol,” Mia groaned, completely ignoring Kendrik’s question. “And quite a lot of it. Ryan, you’re coming with me?”

Ryan nodded and started moving out of the booth, turning to Luca: “Want some, too? Vodka?”

But Luca shook his head. “No thanks, Ryan, ice-cream will do nicely for me. But I think you should bring some for Kendrik.”

Ryan cast a swift glance between Luca and Kendrik, then nodded again and left in silence, Mia following him like a shadow.

“Help me out, Luca. What is going on here?”

“That’s not easy to put into words...” Luca looked at Kendrik with an expression that clearly showed he would rather bury this particular subject. But through their connection, Kendrik could tell that Luca didn’t just feel uncomfortable – Luca felt like he was about to destroy one more piece of innocence he still saw in Kendrik, the same kind of feeling parents had when suddenly forced to tell their children that the tooth fairy wasn’t real. For a heartbeat, Kendrik was tempted to say he didn’t want to know, but luckily, Luca was faster than that. “Do you remember what Leighton said, about the tournament he won?”

“He said he was last year’s swine swinging champion, didn’t he?”

“And what year do we have?” Luca said, unsmiling.


Luca looked at him as if he expected Kendrik to figure it out by himself now. But as he didn’t, the boy added: “Swine Swinging on Malicorn takes place every five years, once every full decade and once in between.”

“But he said...” Slowly, Kendrik was dawning what was going on here. “He’s been here three years already? But what happened to him?”

Luca’s sad smile clearly told Kendrik that he was considered of having lived a very sheltered life so far. Which, in some ways, he had indeed.

“They have paid a ton of credits for a young man who had never as much as left his hometown to bring here to Serin. He’s healthy and handsome, but he’s also kind, and caring, and hopeful - “

“He’s innocent.” Kendrik said flatly as he realized why Leighton was kept here, cold dread spreading in his heart.

“Exactly. He’s a good man. He’s innocent, pure. A virgin of the soul.” Gently putting a caring hand on Kendrik’s hand, Luca continued: “And every time he realizes what horrors there are lurking in the real world, his memories are wiped, and he is fresh and clean as new sheets.”

With a sudden wave of violent sickness, Kendrik remembered those people in the audience, the other night. The ones that reacted to his performance with the dire urge to defile him, to soil what was beautiful, to state ownership by destruction. Being able to destroy the hope in a man like Leighton must be like a drug to them, the fact that they were able to do this over and over again an added bonus. They could learn how to best break him and elevate their sick sports to an artform all of its own, playing games among each other and bragging about the new horrors they have managed to visit upon the poor person.

“I don’t know how they do it,” Luca explained calmly, still holding Kendrik’s hand. “If they use drugs or psions or whatever. But it won’t work forever. He’s quite good, still, but soon the nightmares will start. It always starts with nightmares.”

Luca’s expression didn’t leave any doubt about how it would end.

“This has happened here before, hasn’t it?” Kendrik asked flatly.

“There is always at least one of his kind in the Secret Garden.” Forcing a brave smile onto his face, Luca concluded: “There is no point in telling him, they will just have him reset. And we just... we can’t act as if everything were fine, you know? We all tried, but we just can’t any more. If you can, please be his friend, it would be so kind. And if you manage, be his friend the next time, too. But don’t let it break your heart. You have to protect yourself, in here.”

Not sure if he was about to laugh or cry, Kendrik just grabbed Luca and held him tightly to his chest, burying his face in his hair. This place was a den of horrors, there was no doubt about this, he could feel it all around him. But to hear this boy, who might even be almost sixteen, tell Kendrik to be careful and protect his own feelings was just too much. He should be the one doing the protecting, keeping good people like Luca and Leighton out of places like this. It was completely ridiculous that it was Luca who had the guts to remain calm in the middle of all this horror, that he was the one who had to comfort a man at least three times his own age.

Taking a deep breath, he could smell Luca’s hair, smell his body, no longer a child but not quiet a man yet, warm and firm and comforting. And inside, he could feel Luca’s emotions, dark blue and silver, wrapping around him just as protectively, a mantle of midnight sky that sheltered him from all other darkness around. Luca’s emotions snuggled around him just like his physical body did, and only much too late, Kendrik noticed bright flares of arousal flickering at the horizon of Luca’s mind like a purple sun’s corona waiting to swallow the starlit sky.

Gently pushing Luca away took much more willpower than Kendrik had hoped.

“Thank you,” Kendrik said, still a little embarrassed at how coarse his voice sounded. “That helped a lot.”

But Luca just sat there, looking at Kendrik as if he hadn’t heard a word he had said. His dark blue eyes were wide with wonder, and for a tiny moment, the tip of his tongue flicked over his lips in fascination.

“Your soul, it’s... red,” Luca all but whispered. “It is red like velvet, and it smells of wine and smoke and chocolate and spices...”

Kendrik desperately tried to say something smooth and perfectly credibly denying, but all that came out of his mouth was a pathetic garbled noise. Had he really shared his mind with Luca instead of just listening in? Had he really been that careless? But his connection to Luca felt so natural, so easy, it was like breathing, like being... As if two parts of a whole were finally growing together.

“Hey there,” Ryan said into the awkward silence, setting down another cheerfully colored tray with a handful of shot glasses, all filled to the rim. “You okay?”

“I think he will be,” Luca replied, seamlessly switching into another mood. “He needs a stiff drink, but otherwise, he’ll be fine.” Turning his attention back to Kendrik, he added: “A good fuck would help, too. I’d be up for it, in case you were wondering...”

No, there was very little doubt about Luca’s plans in that particular direction, Kendrik found. Those drinks suddenly sounded like a perfect idea.

“Actually, Mia and I have been talking about the venue for tonight’s show,” Ryan started explaining while watching Kendrik drown several of the drinks without even catching a breath. “And I think we have found the perfect place for you – the dakka den!”

“The dakka den still exists?” Luca exclaimed, visibly excited. “I thought it was one of those derelict sets that only come up in old stories...”

“As far as I know, it’s still there, just rarely used.” Turning around to Mia who just walked up behind him with another cheerfully pink tray full of ice-cream cups, he added: “But the dakka den would be very classy with all the jehanni décor, and would feel nice and cozy even if there’s not much of a turnout, tonight, wouldn’t it?”

“I think it would be quite perfect,” Mia said while setting down a generous cup of ice-cream in front of each of them. “We’d only have to find a really good outfit for Kendrik, so he wouldn’t look all out-of-place.”

“Yeah, Jehanni’s really the last thing he’s looking,” Luca commented dryly.

Ryan was just about to suggest something as suddenly a servant came up to their table, carrying a letter on a silver tray, looking pretty much like a stray from the other side of the curtain.

“You’re Kendrik, right?” the servant asked, stern but polite, offering him the letter. “I have a message here, from your owner.”

“From my owner?” Kendrik asked, only in the last moment taking the letter before it became suspicious. “Thank you.”

“Why would your owner be sending you a letter?” Mia asked, busying herself with her second helping of ice-cream today.

“I bet it’s to tell him that he’s safe from that Baron Yuri,” Luca stated firmly, his emotions betraying his anxiety to Kendrik. “It’s something like that, Kendrik, isn’t it?”

Blinking, Kendrik tried to make sense out of what he was reading.

Turned out that it was two letters, actually, the first one just a short note informing him that this was a copy of the letter ‘the Duke’ had sent to Baron Yuri this morning, and that the owner of the Secret Garden was receiving a similar copy. The second one was a facsimile of the actual letter, penned in a neat cursive script that looked very decisive and willful. Kendrik had to suppress a startled laugh when he recognized the writing as the one of his husband Colin. Probably the perfect person to word a letter like this one, Kendrik mused. He hardly knew anyone as protective as Colin when it came to his family.

“My owner thanks Baron Yuri for his kind offer, but he politely declines.” This was met with a relieved sigh from Luca and surprised frowns from Ryan and Mia. “Yet he expresses his understanding for Baron Yuri’s interest in me, and offers him another deal. If Baron Yuri manages to seduce me, he gives me free leave to do however I please with him as long as it is by my own free will.”

“What?” Ryan spat quite gracelessly. “Damn, what a nasty bastard, your owner.”

“Told you he wouldn’t sell me.”

“Can anyone explain to me why this is a big deal?” Mia asked, slightly confused. “Nobles just never make sense to me.”

“Kendrik’s owner has just turned the tables on Kendrik and Yuri.” Luca explained, smiling widely, obviously enjoying this tremendously. “He’s baiting Yuri that he can have everything he wants from Kendrik, as long as he manages to make Kendrik give it to him.”

“Freely,” Ryan added, sounding quite impressed. “If Baron Yuri forces Kendrik in any way, this deal is off. Shit, this is worded neatly. Did your master have a demon set this up for him?”

“I am not sure...” Kendrik replied, looking back down onto the letter. Actually, he was very sure that Colin would have consulted Teagan on the matter, if only to make sure that there were no loopholes Yuri could use to make a scene. They probably had a lot of fun coming up with this deal. “I wouldn’t put it beyond him, though.”

Almost reverentially, Ryan borrowed the letter from Kendrik and took a long, careful look at it before he handed it back. “No wonder your master is such a power player. This is really classy.”

Kendrik only replied with a shrug. How was one supposed to react to compliments on one’s owner, anyway?

“At least you can be sure Baron Yuri will be in the audience tonight,” Luca pointed out. “And a lot of other people, too. Such deals never fail to gather publicity.”

“Great. So everyone will come and hope to see me fail, either on stage or while playing cat and mouse with an evil old drug baron?”

“That sums it up quite neatly.” Ryan nodded with an evil grin. “Which reminds me we should get back to our work, else you won’t even have a show to fuck up tonight.”

Instead of an answer, Kendrik only rolled his eyes and downed the last drink in front of him. How was he supposed to do any spying here when keeping up his cover was already going to make him lose his mind?

“And if you need something to soothe your nerves right before the show,” Luca added with a perfectly innocent and absolutely devious smile, “I can offer the second-best blowjobs of this establishment. And you, I’d even blow for free.”

talomor on June 13th, 2013 07:36 pm (UTC)
This is soo creepy and horrible, what they're doing to poor Leighton!!! I'm a little freaked (still enjoying the story, though).

Obviously, nobody in the "Secret Garden" cares all that much about it, but isn't it illegal what they're doing to Leighton? He's a free commoner, and that - unspeakable horror should make the Duchess of Malicorn so mad!!!
If it gets out what can happen to the winning athlethes competing in the main tourist attraction of Malicorn (source of much of her income), who of them will then want to become a private masseur? And when the athletes are too afraid to enter any contracts with the nobles, why would said nobles come and watch...?!
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 14th, 2013 08:05 am (UTC)
Nice to see you creepyfied (as a writern I think that is a good thing, at least temporarily).

If I were the legal advisor of the Secret Garden, I'd say that of course (!) nothing illegal is going on here. Leighton is either a commoner, in which case he has every right to leave Malicorn but no protection at all; or he is a serf, in which case he has left Malicorn illegally but on his own free will, and someone would have to pay a hefty fine of app. 2 credits 50 before he is legally a serf of the Secret Garden.

Unless you are a Noble or member of a Guild, things look pretty grim.

And it HAS already gotten out what happens to those bright-eyed guys who left Malicorn after a good season in the games. Only thing is that the new ones never believe that the same horror stories would happen to all of them, and never to THEM in any case... You mustn't forget that the overwhelming majority of farmers on Malicorn basically lives in medieval circumstances, and 'being informed' or even 'aware of the risks' is pretty much the last thing they are.

Makes sense?
talomor on June 14th, 2013 09:27 am (UTC)
Yeah, makes absolutely sense. Living on the safest planet of the empire where nobles are kept on a very tight leash and the ruling House is very much new-school kind of Dracon doesn't prepare anyone to the likes of old-school Serin Dracon.
I still think the Duchess would be mad; she's that kind of person (well, that's the impression I got of her, anyway).
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 15th, 2013 09:26 am (UTC)
Ah, well, mad maybe isn't the right word.

Coldly seething, maybe. Or maybe just putting Madam Tochka on a special list to have a special welcome present prepared for her if she ever made the mistake to step into her jurisdiction... :D

Something like that.
Charischarisstoma on June 13th, 2013 08:37 pm (UTC)
Have we met Leighton before, not necessarily with Yuri but in the same story? The name seems familiar.
And after the nightmares, Leighton would be a perfect candidate for Winter gardening. No need to wipe him for that last one. Am assuming that Leighton did something that got him reduced to slave but otherwise... Does Yuri own the Secret Garden?

If they can do that to Leighton, how does a slave like Kendrik get to say no? All the merrier if the Baron has his way through doubtful seduction and then wipes it or tries to have it wiped from Kendrick's mind? The audience of the Baron's peers would love it and relish the watching and knowing.

Edited at 2013-06-13 08:38 pm (UTC)
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 14th, 2013 08:20 am (UTC)
Nope, this is Leightons first appearance.

Yes, once he is sufficiently burnt out, he will be winterlisted. What do you think happened to the 'others of his kind'?

No, Yuri doesn't own the Secret Garden. But he's a very well connected Dracon noble, and someone who is known for getting what he wants, so everyone is very much on his toes around him.

And a slave can say 'no' the very same way any item can - not at all. Kendrik's only protection comes through his owner, and as 'the Duke' apparently is a business partner of Baron Yuri, he would risk his reputation as a reliable business partner if he 'damages' the Duke's property. So yes, Kendrik is playing it very close to the edge here, but not entirely without cover.
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 15th, 2013 06:45 pm (UTC)
Oh, only now realized I overlooked a question earlier.

No, Leighton hasn't been condemned to slavery, he's a serf - that is, born a slave and legally considered part of the soil of the domain he has been born into. Technically, he isn't allowed to leave Malicorn, but then again, that's nothing a small fee between two nobles couldn't solve. It's probably already been included in the admission ticket to the tournament...
idolme922idolme922 on June 13th, 2013 11:02 pm (UTC)
Luca is a treasure! Such a horny young man and quite endearing.

I feel like there are a lot more layers to be peeled away until we find the sweet center. This place really is awful. Wiping memories, "resetting" people, drugs, prostitution, beatings, rape... Yikes! Scenes with Luca and Kendrick are awesome and I look forward to the rest, as always!

Oh and why am I not surpirsed that pigs make an appearance by reference. Bacon on the mind, eh? :D
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 14th, 2013 08:24 am (UTC)
Nice to hear you hate the place. :)

Yep, looking forward to more Kendrik / Luca myself. ^^

And my lovely wife and I have a sort of competition going on, trying to namedrop things that are not part of the story, with extra brownie points for links to stories yet to come. So yeah, of COURSE we have pigs. ^^
debbiemethosdeb on June 14th, 2013 01:13 am (UTC)
loved it ,I think I have to add Leighton to the fast growing list of those that need to be saved from that place. They'd better bring a big ship to pick him and the rest up when Kendrik is done with this mission.
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 14th, 2013 08:26 am (UTC)
Yup, that's pretty much Kendrik's train of thoughts as well.

But even if he had enough cash to buy all of them, he'd only line the Garden's already bulging pockets and they'd just go on merrily and buy a new generation of slaves to be abused. He'll need to come up with something a little smarter than that...
Meridaemeridae on June 15th, 2013 04:58 am (UTC)
WHY??? WHY would Teagan and Colin DO that to Kendrik!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I don't want nasty mean evil Baron Yuri to get Kendrik, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Also, Kendrik! ::BOP:: You're there to spy and uncover conspiracies, NOT learn how to be a whore!!! Eye on the prize boyo! Faster you get the info you need, the faster you get OUTTA there and BACK TO YOUR HUSBANDS!

Lastly, if Luca gives the second best blow jobs, who gives the best??
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 15th, 2013 09:30 am (UTC)
Huh? They didn't do this TO Kendrik, they did it FOR him.

This way, Kendrik can play with Yuri as much or as little as he likes, with little fear of getting into trouble. That is, little trouble besides dealing with a murderous, old Dracon drug kingpin. So nothing to worry about. :D

Ah well, since when has anyone out of that marriage kept strictly to the mission parameters? A husband here, a squire there, a befriended goddess, a new skill or a new allied Empire... He's just doing the same as his husbands.

And 'second best' is Luca's polite way of saying 'the best, as far as I know of'. No idea who could be better. :D
Meridaemeridae on June 16th, 2013 03:16 am (UTC)
My point exactly!!! They shouldn't have done anything that encouraged Kendrik to PLAY with Baron Yuri!!! That's like ENCOURAGING a TWO YEAR OLD to PLAY with a RATTLESNAKE!!

ANd there's a BIG difference between finding a husband, a squire or a goddess and being SEXUALLY VIOLATED AND DEGRADED!!! BAD BAD BAD!!!

He can keep Luca though ::nodnod:: And Leighton ::nodnod:: Returning home with those two would definitely fall within the 'husband, squire, assorted other waifs and strays' allowances for this family.
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 16th, 2013 05:49 am (UTC)
Well, maybe that image isn't too far off the truth... But look, the two-year-old has a psionic shotgun, so what could possibly go wrong? *facepalms*

But I think you're giving Kendrik too little credit here. After all, he IS doing quite well, and he definitely won't let himself be violated. Degraded, maybe a little, but not violated.

And about Leighton and Luca - we will see. :D
Meridaemeridae on June 17th, 2013 07:05 am (UTC)
Uhhhh, isn't the key characteristic of violation the fact that you don't LET it happen. I mean this is the Secret Garden. And Baron YURI! Kendrik might be violated and not even KNOW it's happened - they'd just mind wipe him after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 17th, 2013 09:10 am (UTC)
That is a valid concern. This IS the Secret Garden, after all.
Meridaemeridae on June 18th, 2013 05:48 am (UTC)
I feel strangely validated. Can we send Yaden and Colin and Teagan to get Kendrik (and Luca) (and Leighton) now?

You know, Leighton might be a good 'friend' for Ivan . . .
BerthaBlueberthablue on June 23rd, 2013 02:58 pm (UTC)
Leighton's story made me shudder! What a horrible life. "Be his friend... and be his friend again..." Amazing.

I love Luca :) Such a shameless little slut for someone he likes! I completely approve!

And I giggled at the thought of the crew back home writing a letter like this!
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on June 23rd, 2013 05:52 pm (UTC)
Well, seems I did everything right, then. ^^
Glad to hear I could make you relate to the characters for good and bad. Thanks for commenting!