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09 August 2012 @ 03:37 pm
Fictional Facts of the Phoenix Empire Part eight - Map of Imperial City  
EDIT: Discussed this a little further and exchanged the map for a completely new version, hand-made for this purpose. Enjoy!

Just a tiny snippet this time. 

EDIT: Not quite so tiny any longer - depending on your browser, you can click the image to enlarge or 'open in new tab' to see full size map!

We talked about the various quarters of Imperial City and got a little confused about where the Marina was. So I remembered that I had started something like a map a while ago for another project and thought we could use it to give a little impression of what is where in the Empire's capital. Especially the Kebab Killer will make more sense with this map. 

So, here you go: 

Imperial City anno 5047

The red areas are just leftovers from the old project, and don't mean anything special. They do mark the areas under imperial control as opposed to those governed by the Duke of P2, so there. 

As always, please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.