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16 May 2012 @ 09:51 am
Lovers in Arms  
Over the last weeks, we have been reconsidering the title of my novel. The title we had was fine, but only once you've read the novel. As a means of advertising, as a hint to the story's content, it was a neat failure. 

So we've been back and forth over the whole issue, bouncing ideas across the pond and our respective circles (we being the good folks at ForbiddenFiction, my lovely wife and I). It is not easy to find a few words that simultaneously a) convey an idea of the novel's content, b) convey a feeling of the genre, b) are at least somewhat original, c) haven't been used a few thousand times already and d) still sound good. 

But yesterday morning on the train to a day job business appointment, I was struck by inspiration. And even though this just feels like mediocre idea #1351273 to me, everyone loves the new title. It checks al the necessary boxes, and we'll stick with it, then. 

Effective today, 'No Dead Heroes' becomes 'Lovers In Arms'. 

The novel is now off to proofreading, the cover art is being worked on, the blurb is trying to be at least as much of a bitch as the title. But we'll wrestle that one down as well, and get further to the publication. Baby steps, but very exciting.