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24 April 2012 @ 09:41 am
Thank you for your help!  
So a few days ago, I posted a poll, asking you for your help in figuring out in which order to write my next stories. 

Winner, or at least long-time front runner, was more smut in the stables with Father Jools. I have already posted the requested 'adventure' here

A bit surprising, though, was the strong showing of 'Pleasure Cruise II' and 'The Windmines of Bora Bora'. But hey, that's what you got polls for. So my lovely wife and I talked through the posting schedule and posting order over the weekend, and have come up with the following roadmap: 

Next up will be 'Even Nobles Cry'. After all, we can't keep Eric and Rose and **** waiting any longer. 

Then I'll concentrate on finishing 'The Windmines of Bora Bora'. Even though 'Pleasure Cruise II' gathered the same number of votes, 'Bora Bora' happens before 'Pleasure Cruise', and introduces a duo that we will need in the next story. 

The next story would have to be 'Job Requirements', to be written by my lovely wife. Ideally, I would need to write 'The Secret Garden' before this one as well, but we're still trying to figure out if this is really necessary. But, finally, 'Job Requiremtents' will introduce the character that we need for 'Pleasure Cruise II' to make sense. 

Okay. Upon re-reading this, it still sounds complicated. Maybe a reverse diagram will help: 

'Pleasure Cruise II' -> needs -> 'Job Requirements' -> needs both -> 'Bora Bora' and probably 'The Secret Garden'

So, for now, that's the plan. Which might change anytime the muses bite, but still. Hope you enjoy, and please let me know if there's still anything unclear or when I missed anything.