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17 November 2011 @ 06:20 am
FIC: Nach’Tarr’s Night  
Author: Osiris Brackhaus
Story Title: Nach’Tarr’s Night
Part: 1/1
Rating: M
Configuration: /
Warnings: crude language
Word Count: 4.400
Setting: 'Phoenix Empire' verse, see Phoenix Empire Timeline & Index
Characters: Bobby, Wayne
Summary: A handful of bored human teenagers on Espen decide to use a high religious Youh’Kai holiday as a chance to gain a few more insights into their exciting, dangerous and alien society…
Feedback: Yes, please!

“Damn, what the fuck took you so long?!” Wayne exclaimed as his brother arrived at their little hiding place behind the docks. “Can’t you be on time just fucking once? We almost left without you!”

“Sure you did,” Bobby snarked back, determined not to have his splendid mood be spoiled by his elder brother being an asshole. “As if you had a plan what to do with your time.”

Smiling widely, he kicked the bike he had arrived on into a corner of the clearing the teenagers had made among the junk and flotsam at the far end of the fishing docks. Down here, no one in the city could see the fire they lit in a rusted oil drum, and the wind stole the music blaring from the salvaged stereo long before anyone else would notice. Snuggled to one of the bone-gray rocks that formed the natural borders of the town and the whole bay of Lough Galyd, it was their refuge from a town that considered young people a safety hazard, and aspirations of a better life as an insult. On an old couch next to the fire, Mandy stretched and yawned, her pretty face barely visible between her wild hair, her huge scarf and the heavy black make-up.

“But to answer your question,” Bobby said while he bent down and placed a kiss on Mandy’s forehead, “I am late because I organized us some tickets for tonight!”

“Tickets? What the fuck?” his brother asked instantly. “It’s fucking Wednesday, in case you haven’t noticed. No band playing here tonight, bro.”

“Yeah. But it’s also fucking Nach’Tarr’s Night, in case you haven’t noticed. Bro.”

“Nacta what?!” Wayne spat, cracking his knuckles as if considering to give his little brother a thorough beating for no particular reason. “What the fuck?!”

“Isn’t Nach’Tarr one of those Youh’Kai gods?” Mandy asked from here place on the couch, lighting a cigarette. “He is, isn’t he?”

“Fucking demon worshippers, all of them aliens,” Wayne remarked, still not really convinced. “Fucking crazy beetle eaters.”

Bobby only rolled his eyes in response. His brother was a caring and loving person, Bobby reminded himself, but only once you got past the brutish, xenophobe, thieving, dumb-as-a-brick and oh-so-manly exterior.

Right then, the blanket on the couch next to Mandy started giggling, and a moment later Ed and Kiki emerged; the only real couple of their little gang.

“Hey there,” Bobby greeted the ‘newcomers’ on the couch, “So nice for you to join us.”

Ed gave him a brief nod, while Kiki completely ignored him and borrowed Mandy’s cigarette. Both looked so flushed that Bobby wondered if they merely had been making out under there. But then again, he didn’t really want to know, so he took off his backpack and produced a small white box.

“What’s that?” Wayne asked, frowning as he recognized the logo on the lid. “Fuck you, Bobby, have you been sucking off that fucking doctor again for free?”

“He’s not a doctor, he’s an optician,” Bobby explained for what felt to him like the hundredth time. “And I haven’t been sucking him off for free, I just didn’t take money from him.”

“Oh damn, you’re gross, Bobby, you know that?” Dimple’s voice came from atop a pile of driftwood that had gathered around an old, capsized freight container that formed one of the ‘walls’ of their hideaway. His speech was slurred and overly giddy, making clear he had been smoking dakka again. “You really should worry about your boyfriend, Mandy. I think he’s cheating on you.”

Everyone around the fire chuckled politely at Dimple’s stale joke. They all knew perfectly well that Bobby was as gay as they come, and that him being with Mandy was a pact of mutual protection, nothing more.

Officially, it was no longer a problem if boys liked boys. But this was Espen, and things here had always been a little different.

A few steps away from him, Bobby could see that Wayne’s crude expression was slipping, replaced by genuine concern. Growing up a gay boy here in Bellingham, at the northern fringe of civilized Espen, was dangerous enough. Being as pretty as Bobby made it doubly dangerous. And despite everything, Wayne was fiercely protective of his little brother, even if they were only two years apart. So with a tiny smile, Bobby flashed him his ‘don’t worry, I was careful’ expression before he started explaining his plans for tonight.

“As I said, tonight the Youh’Kai celebrate the night of Nach’Tarr.”

“Gesundheit!” Dimple interrupted him from his perch above, this time earning some honest chuckles.

“He is one of their most important gods, he is the guardian of the dead and the keeper of secrets.”

“Yeah. And a total party animal.” Wayne interjected deadpan. “Anyone want a beer?!”

For am moment, everyone shouted at the same time, mostly complaining that apparently, Wayne had managed to hide a six-pack of beer from the others so far. But he shared eagerly, now that his brother was here.
Mandy, who wasn’t so much of a drinker, used the ensuing silence to ask:

“I remember my dad telling me that all his Youh’Kai workers took a day off today and tomorrow. It must be a big thing, then, this night, huh?”

Bobby replied with a vigorous nod. “As I said, it’s one of their most important celebrations.”

“And what’s that gotta do with us?” Wayne replied, slightly mollified now that he had a can of beer in each hand. “I mean, it’s not as if they’d ever allow a human into their ghetto. And I sure as hell won’t try and disguise me as some Youh’Kai, they’ll smell us out and kick our asses into next week.”

“Yeah, they kick some major ass,” Ed concluded grimly. “If they don’t kill and eat us outright.”

“That’s why it’s gotta be tonight!” Bobby exclaimed, beaming with excitement. Ever since he overheard a Youh’Kai conversation last time the aliens had celebrated Nach’Tarr’s night, he had been planning for this. “If we do it right, they’ll have to invite us in, and even be nice to us.”

All around the fire, he was met with looks that were cautiously optimistic at best.

“No, really, listen. The Youh’Kai believe all kinds of crap and are, like, the most superstitious idiots you know, right?”

Everyone nodded.

“So, tonight, some of them will dress up as demons and monsters. You know, some evil shit that really scares them. And then they walk around and knock at each other’s door and demand their blood.”

“Fucking. Crazy. Aliens.” Wayne remarked flatly, followed by a respectable belch. Calmly, he threw the empty can into the fire and opened the next one.

“Yeah, but instead giving them their blood, they try to haggle with the monster and then they settle for inviting the monster in and sharing dinner with them.”

“So,” Mandy asked, grimacing wildly, “you say that if we dress up as something that scares them, they’ll invite us for dinner in the ghetto?”



“They’ll fucking eat us.” Ed really didn’t sound convinced, but his girlfriend looked positively thrilled at the prospect of getting a look inside the rumour-riddled underground Youh’Kai compound.

“I LOVE the idea!” Dimple yelled from his place on top of the container, struggling to stand up straight. “I’ll dress as a clown. Everyone’s afraid of clowns!”

“Ah - I don’t think that’s what Bobby meant, “ Mandy tried to intervene. “Scary, not stupid.”

“Great. So what’s a freaking beetle eater afraid of?” Wayne snapped belligerently. “An exterminator?”

“‘Course not.” Bobby replied, not quite sure how to present his brilliant idea. “But it’s gotta be something really good, something even we are afraid of.”

“I’m not afraid of nothing!” Wayne reflexively snapped back, only to break out laughing. “Fuck you, Bobby, stop dickteasing us. I know you’ve got a plan, I mean, I am the handsome brother and you’re the smart one, after all.”

That finally earned him a round of laughter all around. While by no means ugly, Wayne’s short built, his freckles, short-buzzed ginger hair and slightly stick-out ears made him look like a troll next to his rather elfish brother. A studmuffin troll, but still.

“Sure I do.” Taking a deep breath, Bobby realized that his heart was beating in his throat. His idea was scaring him a little, too, after all. “I... okay, let’s make this a test. I start dressing up, and if you get scared, it’s the right costume, okay?”

His friends nodded, albeit slightly doubtful. How could they know that Bobby had found a costume that he barely dared putting on himself? Mandy was the only one who looked rather intrigued.
Even though their relationship was strictly platonic, she trusted him like no one else. If he said he had something that would scare even the cold-blooded Youh’Kai, she was curious to find out what it was.

“Come on, Mandy, you gotta help me.” Bobby said lightly, turning back to his backpack, fetching two more small boxes. Throwing one to his girlfriend, he said: “Here, you can brush my hair while I paint my face.”

Curious, Mandy examined the box in her hands, only to exclaim:

“Holy shit, a colouring comb? Where’d you got the creds for that?”

“I don’t. ‘Nicked it from Justine’s.”

Colouring combs were small hairbrushes, saturated with some enzymes and chemicals that turned your hair a different colour while brushing them. Nothing really permanent, but for a few days, it looked perfectly real. Those things were godawfully expensive, but then again, that’s what shoplifting skills were there for. Smiling widely, Bobby pulled his sweater over his head and opened his braid, shaking out his long hair.

Like his brother, he was fair-skinned and red-haired. But while Wayne’s hair had remained the same carrot colour they both had had as small children, Bobby’s had turned a ridiculously rich shade of foxy red. Together with his apple-green eyes and willowy frame, he cut a striking shape indeed. Not a good way of staying unnoticed, but tonight, it would be perfect for once.

Calmly, Bobby settled down on the ground in front of the couch, and while Mandy started to brush his hair, he began to apply a thin sheen of white body-paint on his face and upper body. A few minutes later, his long fiery mane had turned into a glossy black curtain of perfectly straight hair, while his skin looked even paler than usual.

“Wayne, there’s some chrome trim in my backpack,” Bobby said while checking his make-up in the small rear-view mirror of the bike he had ‘borrowed’ to get here. “You’re good with metal - could you bend it to smooth circle for me?”

“You’re looking like an idiot,” Wayne mumbled in response. Yet, he walked over to the backpack and found the narrow strip of metal after some rummaging. “Damn’, where’d you get that from? It’s brand new! You didn’t fucking swipe Oscar’s garage, did you?”

Of course he hadn’t taken it from Oscar’s. The guy might be a complete failure and a perverted groper. But he was also one of the very few grown-ups who actually treated the kids like real people, not like some problem in need of containing.

“Just fell off some car at a red light.”

“Yeah, sure.” Silently, Wayne looked around until he found some old metal pipe that apparently was the tool he had been looking for. With a few deft motions, he turned the trim into a circlet and handed it over to his brother. “You still look like an idiot.”

“Not much longer.” Smiling, Bobby took the circlet and put it onto his head, above the ears and underneath his hair until it fit like a very narrow tiara. Once again feeling his heart pumping in his throat, Bobby started braiding the hair over his temples back along the circlet.

“Bobby. What are you doing?” Kiki’s wary voice showed him that she finally had caught on what he was trying to do here. “That fucking looks like the fucking Emperor’s crown...”

Suddenly, everyone stared at Bobby, stunned wordless by the sheer audacity.

No one said a word as Bobby silently pulled a black bed sheet out of his backpack and tied it around his shoulders until it looked like an asymmetrical cloak. Even though he was nervous enough to run around the fire a few times, screaming, Bobby managed to keep his face straight. He knew that his outfit was only one half of the costume. The other half depended on him being able to pull this off.

Forcing himself to remain calm, Bobby opened the white box he had fetched from the optician today. Sure, he hadn’t taken any money from the old geezer. But he damn hell had made sure his services were paid handsomely.
Inside the box, there were two custom-made contacts. Not that anything was wrong with his eyes, but these would turn his eyes a freaking bright purple, with irises larger than any human usually should have.
Just like the eyes of Emperor Gregorious, the all-seeing psychic who had ruled the Phoenix Empire until two-and-a-half decades ago. Eyes like the ones of the Emperor no-one dared to put up a portrait of even today, scared that his supernatural sight would allow him to spy on everyone through his image.

Swiftly, he put in the contacts like he had learned this afternoon. Turning back around to his friends, he almost squealed in delight at their horrified expressions.

“Don’t you think you should kneel in front of your Emperor?” Bobby asked, trying for a soft, subtly threatening voice like he imagined an all-powerful clairvoyant Emperor would talk like. Together with his ramrod-straight posture, he was sure he was doing quite a decent impression.

It took his friends several heartbeats to get out of their stupor. Wayne was the first one to react, and this time, his voice didn’t have any of his usual, fake manlyness about it.

“Get out of that!” he snapped harshly. “You’ll fucking get all of us killed!”

“We knew you would say that,” Bobby replied in perfect keeping with his persona.

“Are you fucking crazy?” Ed chimed in, his hand almost involuntarily making a sign against the evil eye. “You can’t pretend being a noble, they’ll thread you through a wheel or some shit!”

With a few swift steps, Wayne was standing next to his brother, his face red with anger.

“Get those eyes off!” he ordered, his hands twitching as if about to beat the costume off his brother. “NOW!”

Instead of arguing, Bobby just gave his brother the coldest, haughtiest stare he could come up with. He had to convince his friends before he would dare to walk over to the aliens, and that meant convincing his brother first.

Caught in Bobby’s artificially enhanced gaze, Wayne didn’t get another word out. Instead, he hesitantly raised a fist, but when Bobby realized Wayne’s lower lip trembling in stress, he decided it was enough.

“You look afraid”, he remarked coldly. “As we promised.”

For a moment longer, the brothers stared at each other, but then Bobby couldn’t keep straight any longer and broke into a wide smile.

“I TOLD you, you would be scared!” he shouted triumphantly, pretty much destroying any illusion of nobility or danger he might have had. “I TOLD you!”

“Fuck you, Bobby!” Wayne shouted back, with palpable relief. “FUCK YOU!”

“So we agree?” Bobby asked, his jubilant mood making him positively giddy. “It’s scary enough to give it a try? We go to the ghetto tonight?”

“Well, if they risk the Emperor’s wrath,” Wayne remarked dryly, “those aliens are fucking crazier than I ever thought.”


The few Youh’Kai that lived in Bellingham had taken refuge in an old air-raid shelter, a relic of the Second Succession War somewhere on the fringe of downtown near the port. In the middle of a warehouse district and well away from any ‘proper’ human settlement, no one really cared what the aliens did there, living in the caverns underground, praying to their heathen gods. No one really knew why the shelter was called the ghetto these days, but then again, nobody really cared. At least, no human.

The only visible structure of the ghetto was the heavily fortified entrance door that emerged from the ground in a massive wedge of concrete. Usually, the door was open at all times, with one or two aliens standing guard. But tonight, the heavy doors were closed, the alleyway completely deserted.

When Bobby and his friends arrived at the alleyway, they couldn’t suppress a slight feeling of disappointment at seeing the entrance to the ghetto locked and unlit. All children in town wondered what life among the Youh’Kai would be like, and rumours ranged all the way from the traumatic to the romantic. But tonight, the only trace of the excitingly alien aliens was a wind chime made from hollow insect shells, dangling from the drainpipe of an adjacent warehouse, filling the cool night air with its unsettling sounds.

“You really think they’ll let us in?” Ed asked, his quivering voice betraying his queasiness. “It damn hell looks like they don’t want any visitors.”

“’Course they don’t WANT any visitors, idiot.” Excited as he was, Bobby’s reply came out cattier than he had intended to. “But still inviting us in is the whole idea of Nach’Tarr’s Night. They’ll damn as hell try to send us away, but we’ll have to stay determined.”

Ed’s grimace left no doubt that he knew a million places he’d rather be right now. But Bobby didn’t let one coward spoil this opportunity. After all, Wayne was still with him, and actually sporting a tiny, wicked smile. He perhaps wasn’t the brightest bulb in the shop, but even he appreciated the irony of forcing the Youh’Kai to invite them in by playing one of their silly superstitious games.

A swift glance to Mandy confirmed that she was also very much looking forward to learn if and how the Youh’Kai reacted on their stunt, and that was all the encouragement Bobby needed.

So with a calm motion, as if he had never done anything else in his life, he re-arranged his makeshift cloak, straightened his newly black hair and checked if his crown was still sitting properly. Then he took the last steps towards the rusted metal doors of the ghetto and knocked.

For a long moment, nothing happened.

“I think you’ll have to knock harder,” Mandy remarked encouragingly.

“They won’t open anyway,” Ed said with faint hope. “Let’s call it off.”

“Fuck you,” Wayne snapped back. “Knock harder.”

This time, Bobby banged his fist against the doors, resulting in a low, reverberating sound. Only a few moments later, he could hear a muttering voice behind the door, and the scraping sound of a heavy bolt being removed.
Slowly, the door swung open outwards, and dull orange light filled the street. Suddenly, faint music was in the air, heavy with drums, and the scent of weird spices and smoke crept out of the shelter.

In the frame of the door, a male Youh’Kai was standing, easily a head taller than Bobby. He had his hair slicked back with some kind of gel and his whole body was painted glossy black. Around his waist, he had two sets of stuffed stockings attached; apparently attempting to look like four more legs. From his wrists, two long, sickle-shaped blades made from silver-painted cardboard were dangling, and there were two additional sets of red eyes painted on his forehead above his real ones.
Youh’Kai never looked exactly reassuring to humans under the best of circumstances, to say the least. But for some reason, this was… particularly unsettling.

But Bobby managed to keep his face straight and his posture as arrogant as possible.

“We come for your blood!” he exclaimed majestically. “Surrender!”

For a hearbeat, the Youh’Kai stared at Bobby in priceless disbelief. Then his features hardened, and he yelled:

“Fucking Softskins! Get lost!”

But Bobby didn’t even dream of letting the alien get out of this so easily.

“We come for your blood,” he repeated, trying to give his best imperous stare. “Surrender.”

“You fucking little piece of shit!” the Youh’Kai replied, trying hard to sound unaffected. “This has nothing to do with you humans. Get lost, or I’ll make you.”

Without any further discussion, the alien tried to close the door again, but swiftly, Bobby slipped a foot in between.

“You know who We are,” he exclaimed ominously, “and you know what will happen to you if you send Us away.”

For a long moment, the Youh’Kai only stared at Bobby, his lower lip working soundlessly. Then, with a sound that could have been either a sigh or a hiss, he said:

“Fuck YOU! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Grabbing one of the cardboard blades from his wrists, he pointed the thing at Bobby’s face with a threatening stare. “I can’t decide that. Stay here. Don’t move!”

And then he left, down the dimly lit staircase visible beyond the slightly opened door.

“I really think we should go now,” Ed said petulantly, only to get whacked by his girlfriend.

“Didn’t you listen?!” Kiki snapped, “he’s fetching someone to decide. It’s working.”

“He’s fetching a whole gang of them to beat us up, that’s all…”

But except Ed, no-one shared his concerns. Wayne and the girls looked positively excited, and Dimples, well, he was intently staring at the wind chime. Bobby wisely chose not to investigate any further.

It took quite a while, but even waiting at the open door was fascinating enough. The music they could hear from below was unlike anything they had heard before, rhythmic and pounding, simple and yet full of energy. The air coming out of the shelter was warm and humid, and redolent with incense and sharp, spicy and surprisingly tasty notes. Then, finally, they could hear people walk up the stairs, and voices arguing in the depths.

“… some fucking softskins!” the male Youh’Kai who had opened the door exclaimed. “We can’t let them inside - if anything happens to them, we’re screwed!”

“I know we don’t need another police raid down here.” A female voice this time, calmer but no less alarmed. “But this is Nach’Tarr’s Night, after all, and monsters are bound to come knocking.”

Finally, the Youh’Kai arrived at the door, the two Bobby had overheard talking on the stairs and a whole bunch of others behind them. As soon as the woman saw Bobby in his costume, she cursed loudly in the guttural language of the Youh’Kai.
She was a little smaller than the guy who had opened the door, and also costumed. But her outfit looked rather normal, except from the two dark wings she had attached to her back with shoulder straps and the large broom with a bloodied handle she was carrying.

“Oh you gotta be kidding me,” she finally said after the initial shock had subsided. “Please kids, this is no joke. Go home.”

“We come for your blood,” Bobby re-affirmed once more, noticing with a certain satisfaction how her eyes widened in surprise. “Surrender.”

Defensively, the Youh’Kai woman wedged her broom over the doorstep, obviously acting more on her instincts than anything else.

“K’rina?” Mandy asked from behind Bobby, recognizing the Youh’Kai woman as a member of the cleaning crew of her father’s shop. “K’rina, is that you?”

For a moment, the alien’s stern expression wavered.

“Hi Mandy,” she finally replied with a shy wave, yet never taking her eyes off Bobby. “Could you please call back your friend here?”

“No.” Mandy replied, an edge of amazement in her voice. She knew that Youh’Kai were superstitious like shit, but she had never realized how bad it actually was. So, adding what little she knew about the aliens, she said: “We are of his clan. He leads, we follow.”

“We come for your blood,” Bobby stated again, this time trying to use the proper Youh’Kai words. “Surrender!”

This time, K’rina almost flinched at the expression, though Bobby was sure if that was because she was afraid or because he had totally mangled the pronunciation.

“You can’t be thinking of letting them in,” the male Youh’Kai urged on K’rina. “It’ll only lead to bloodshed.”

As if her companion had said something brilliantly new, K’rina turned around, intently studying his black-painted face.

“You sound as if you’re afraid…” she said softly, smiling wickedly.

For another long moment, the two aliens just looked at each other, serious and questioning, until K’rina started chuckling softly.

“Alright.” she said, turning back to Bobby again. She took a deep breath before she formally exclaimed: “My blood is mine; only spilled in my choosing. But I see your claim. Will food and drink be enough to appease you for another year?”

With a sudden, sinking feeling, Bobby realized that he had never overheard the proper reply to K’rina’s offer. But then again, he decided that as a human emperor, he didn’t really have to stick to Youh’Kai customs in every detail.

“If you invite my clan along with Us, We will be appeased,” he finally replied, hoping he had at least hit the right mix of politeness and arrogance that was required of his role.

“If you can enter, you shall be welcome,” K’rina replied evenly, pointing at the broom that was still leaning across the entrance.

Apparently, the bloodied broom had some significance for the Youh’Kai, but as far as Bobby could see, it was just an average broom with some red paint on the handle. Rumours of Youh’Kai magic were a milla a dozen, but then again, rumours shouldn’t be overrated. Why the hell should a cleaning lady be carrying a real magic broom with her, anyway?

So he just stepped ahead and picked up the broom, startled as the Youh’Kai on the other side actually flinched away, almost as if expecting some kind of massive explosion. But nothing happened.

“Here’s your broom,” Bobby said friendly, his persona all but forgotten at the slightly nervous expressions of the aliens on the other side of the door. “I promise we’re not here for trouble. We’re just curious.”

“I see…” K’rina replied, taking back her broom with only the slightest hesitation. “Well, seems you and your ‘clan’ are welcome here tonight.”

“Thank you,” Bobby replied and stepped inside, gesturing his friends to follow him. “That’s really cool, inviting us for tonight.”

“Don’t be so sure of yourself, softskin,” K’rina replied with returning assertiveness, her wide smile revealing two rows of very white, very pointy teeth. “Just make one wrong move, and we’ll eat you!”

BerthaBlueberthablue on November 17th, 2011 06:56 am (UTC)
Haha, I could grow to quite like this bold-ass pack of kids :) Bobby is adorable! It's 1/1 though - don't we get to see what happens inside?
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on November 18th, 2011 11:42 am (UTC)
It is 1/1 as I only wanted to write a small piece of scenery explaining one of the more important holidays in the Phoenix Empire. I originally had planned to have it posted on Halloween, but then, alas, inspiration only struck a few days late.

But I love those kids, too, and I plan for a series with them on the other holidays over the year, so it's not the last we saw of Bobby and his gang.
If inspiration strikes me and I find myself with some time on my hands, I might write what happens inside the ghetto, but it's really low on my list of priorities right now.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment!

Edited at 2011-11-18 11:49 am (UTC)
BerthaBlueberthablue on November 21st, 2011 03:08 am (UTC)
You have so many awesome things to write and we want to see ALL of them! J/K I'll take what I can get :) I totally appreciate all your hard work!
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on November 21st, 2011 06:59 pm (UTC)
Well, all those things sure feel awesome to us - if they really are, you'll have to decide once we publish them.

And once again, never think you're bothering us when asking for more! It's not only a great encouragement to write more, it also gives us a great opportunity to realize where we should continue writing first.
So, if you have a character or place you'd like to read more of, please let us know. There's a certain system to the way we post things, but that doesn't mean we can't reassign our priorities. ^^
idolme922idolme922 on November 17th, 2011 04:52 pm (UTC)
Hahaha... I would love to see Bobby's reply to that last line!! Great into, love to see more as always as you paint this verse. I hope we are permitted to witness the ritual/celebration inside the ghetto.

Huggles :D
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on November 18th, 2011 11:51 am (UTC)
Thanks for commenting!

I am afraid that Bobby's reply was little more than a sheepish ans slightly insecure grin, as he wasn't too sure if K'rina was joking or not.
As I said above, I might write something about the festivities one day if inspiration strikes, but so far I haven't planned more than you can see above.
jouet89: pic#112979394jouet89 on November 18th, 2011 01:14 pm (UTC)
Purple eyes??? Ok, I know I always hang on the little details, but where were his parents living? Near Chernobyl? In Chernobyl? Haha. However I would like a scene with him. Is it possible? Please:)

The scene is fun, I LOVE the last sentence:)But what the aliens waited from the broom? O.o
osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on November 18th, 2011 03:50 pm (UTC)
Well, there is very little facts and a lot of rumours out about Emperor Gregorious' parentage, but they most probably were pretty normal.

There is a high amount of visible mutations among the humans of the Phoenix Empire, at least compared to the humans we know today. Mostly, this is due to the fact that before the fall, humanity was technologically sufficiently developed to enjoy personal genetic modifications like we enjoy tattoos or a new haircut. Over the centuries, those voluntary changes got mostly lost, but the codes still linger in humanity's genepool, if only fractured. But if some of these pieces come together in a child, even normal parents can have offspring with wildly 'unnatural' features, like green skales, golden skin or, well, purple eyes.
But yes, there will be several scenes in which you will meet Gregorious in person. Actually, one of the funny things about writing this snippet was me knowing that you'll meet all the costume characters here 'for real'. Even Nach'Tarr will most probably appear at some point in time as a recurring character. ^^

And about the Youh'Kai Lady with the broom - she's one another Youh'Kai goddess. She upholds the sanctity of hearth and home, and superstitios as the Youh'Kai are, even someone dressed up as a goddess might carry a little of her power. So if Bobby and his crew had come with hostile intentions, that broom (from a Youh'Kai point of view) might actually have exploded or at least beaten the living daylights out of the humans.
Such a crazy notion, isn't it?

Edited at 2011-11-18 03:55 pm (UTC)
triptyxtriptyx on December 17th, 2011 10:14 pm (UTC)
Is it wrong that with every new story of yours I really, really want to meet the Emperor? >:D >:D >:D

I really liked Bobby and Mandy! :) They make a good team of having each other backs! :)

And since meeting Thomar and his Youh’Kai I always grin like mad when we meet more of them! :D

osirisbrackhausosirisbrackhaus on December 18th, 2011 01:05 pm (UTC)
You definitely will meet him at some point in time. As I already said somewhere, you'll actually meet most of the people that only appeared as costumes in this story at some point or another, and I am so looking forward to that!

And about the Youh'Kai - the next story Beryll is writing for Thomar and Robert will have Youh'Kai galore. And Verrata priests! *bounces with excitement*
triptyxtriptyx on December 25th, 2011 07:58 pm (UTC)
*is also bouncing with excitement in anticipation to all the stories you two are going to write* Thank you! :)