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24 April 2016 @ 11:29 am
With Loving Djinni out of the house (and selling nicely), we can now turn our attention to the next book: Softpaw.

This story has been with us for years, albeit in a very rudimentary form. When we decided to make it a proper book, we took our time to look at its universe and the stories spinning off the original one. And let me tell you, there is a lot of stories in that bag. More than would make sense to write without any idea if anyone would want to read them at all.

So we came up with the following. The first three books of the Smilodon Pride collection are not connected. They are standalone novels, each dealing with one of the three werecat siblings that form the core of these stories. If one of these three initial books (or two, or three) sell well and there is a noticeable interest in a sequel, we sure as hell will be writing that one. But we want to have a look at how the first three perform before we make that decision. It's not as if we don't have enough other books to write.

The first book out of the gates will be 'Softpaw' - a hot paranormal romance set in contemporary Paris, among cops and prostitutes, werecats and vampires. As before, we have managed to commision a cover with the adorable Natalia Nesterova, and it turned out pretty damn awesome. So without further ado, here's the cover for Smilodon Pride #1 - Softpaw. (click to enlarge)

I am so very happy that Natalia didn't only manage to bring across the two main characters very closely to how we envisioned them, but also the mood of the place and the unmistakeable roofscape of Paris, where a significant part of the book's action takes place.

And to make things complete, here's the current version of the blurb, still a bit unwieldy and long, but close enough to the final thing you can get a feeling what the book will be about:

Softpaw is an m/m paranormal romance about cynics and romantics, profanity and refinement, and how much work there actually is in ‘making it work’.

Connor’s life could have been the dream of any cultured werecat. He is spending his days in Paris’ gay quarter with comfortably little real work, playing the piano, surrounded by art, fine food and good friends. It could have been, if not for a feral vampire preying on the prostitutes of ‘his’ quarter, killing the boys of the Marais one by one.

When Connor invites a newly arrived hooker to stay on his houseboat, the last thing he expects is Michel to be a member of the Brigade Criminelle - a troubled, hunky rookie cop sent undercover to explore Connor’s connection to the murders, picked mostly because he had been a boy of the Marais himself, not so long ago.

Hiding their true nature becomes a problem for both when their realize there maybe is more to their inital attraction. But in order to bring down the serial killer and maybe have a chance at making their relationship work out, one of them will have to take the first, critical leap...

Right now, we have the ambitious idea to publish Softpaw on Bastille Day 2016, that is, July 14th. If we managed to hold up this schedule, it means we will be able to bring advance reader copies to EuroPrideCon in June. Numbers will be limited, so let us know if we should reserve one for you!

That's about it for the moment, and if you have any questions, remarks or suggestions - you know how much we love to talk about our stories, so please don't hesitate to let us know. 
17 April 2016 @ 09:34 am
'Loving Djinni' is out for a few days only, and already we are totally floored by the number of copies we have sold. In other words - by the amount of copies you have bought. So I just wanted to send a big, warm 'thank you', and wish you a weekend at least as wonderful as you have made ours!

PS: You can look forward to the cover reveal of 'Softpaw' in the very near future!
14 April 2016 @ 07:21 pm
Originally posted by rynthjan at Loving Djinni is out!

Good news. Today our new book "Lovong Djinni" is out today!

If you have a craving for a sweet love story between two gorgeous guys with an extra helping of hot smut - this is the book for you!

Here's a picture of the actual, physical paperback book:

Yep, this could be yours :D

You can order it at Amazon, Smashwords and all the usual suspects.

06 March 2016 @ 08:31 pm
Die guten Leute von Leserkanone.de haben eine Rezension zu 'Lucia' veröffentlicht. Satte 5/5 Sterne, "Kunstvoll... die Seiten verfliegen... Äußerst lesenswert!"

So etwas liest man natürlich gerne.

Aber fast noch wichtiger als die Freude über die positive Rezension war uns die Erleichterung - Erleichterung darüber, dass wir uns nicht nur eingebildet haben, ein Buch selber veröffentlichen zu können. Und so freut uns besonders, dass neben der außergewöhnlichen Geschichte und der 'feinen Sprache' auch die gesamte Produktion positiv aufgefallen ist. An dieser Stelle ein dickes Danke an alle, die uns dabei geholfen haben, 'Lucia' aufs Papier und an den Markt zu bringen!

05 February 2016 @ 12:49 pm
I just paid our tickets for EuroPrideCon 2016 in Berlin!

Already more than half a year has passed since we were in Munich for the first EPC, and my God, so much has happened in the past seven month! One new book is already published, and by all probability, two more will be until summer, with many more projects taking shape, step by step, day by day. These last months have been an amazing, if sometimes exhausting, adventure for both of us.

Last year, EPC has brought such a burst of energy and opportunities, it is really hard to imagine this happening again. But who knows. We've met great people in Munich, made new friends and learned a lot. Chances are good Berlin will bring more of the same. At least, it'll be a long missed opportunity for us to hit the oyster bar of the KaDeWe! :)

So, as you can imagine, we're already very much looking forward to EPC this year. And if anyone has good suggestions where to eat or where to go with friends (both old and new and in the making) in Berlin in summer, please let us know! A good plan is half a win, as they say, and we can't keep eating oysters all weekend...
While we are currently adding the last polishing touches to 'Lucia', hoping to get everything perfect for the scheduled release on February 2nd, we have continuously been working on the books after that. So we (mostly Beryll) have been diligently editing our next m/m novel 'Loving Djinni', and we (mostly I) have been just as diligently writing the m/m novel after that. And finally, after months of relative cluelessness, we have come up with a cool title for that overnext book. So, say welcome to:

Smilodon Pride, Book One: Softpaw

Okay, I think that needs a little explanation. The overnext book will be the first in a group of three books dealing with the adventures (and love lives) of three siblings - three sabretoothed werecat littermates, ergo, a smilodon pride. The books will not be sequels to each other, but will work in parallel storylines that might allow individual sequels later on, or even a crossover, in the unthinkable case that there is sufficient demand. :)
Softpaw is the 'youngest' member of the litter, the nice guy of the team. He is currently living in Paris, France, on the houseboat of his sister, working part time as a museum guide and piano player in a gay bar. So as you can see, there is a lot of room for things to get really interesting...

More to come soon.
20 December 2015 @ 01:25 pm
Alright. Just to make this official, even though many of you might have heard this already: Our next book will be 'Lucia', a darkly poetic German vampire novel joining its heroine on her voyage through the centuries, on the way towards her destiny and herself. So no sparkles here. ^^

And to point this out right in the beginning: the novel will be in German. I know, this has been met with very uneven reactions - but this novel started out in German, and will stay that way. Right now, there is no English translation planned, but we don't want to rule out anything.
But one of the most fun parts of seeing the project come together was commissioning the cover art and finally seeing the images we so far had only in our heads:

Isn't it awsome? Cover art is by the vastly talented and on top of that utterly charming Natalia Nesterova, who already did the cover art for 'Lovers in Arms'.

So this all has been a tremendously exciting last months, and just today we received our next English-language novel back from the editor! It's still quite a bit to do, but you can look forward to another new Brackhaus novel in 2016. A big thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged us!

09 November 2015 @ 01:31 pm
Now, it's been rather quiet here for a while, but with very good reason.

After the publication of 'Lovers in Arms', my wife and I took some time to lean back, watch and learn. Getting a book on the market with a traditional publisher was a good experience, and the folks at Forbidden Fiction were nothing but nice. But their portfolio doesn't really match the kind of stories my wife and I like to write together. Though, probably, no publisher would really find a good spot for our unique mix of romance, fun and adventure. So given the current developments in self-publishing, my wife and I decided that we would embark on another adventure together.

Beginning early next year, we will be publishing our co-written books ourselves. That is, until we decide that we'll do things differently yet again. ^^

Preparing to self-publish is a lot of work, and I am lucky my day job has trained me in project management over the last years. But on the other hand, it feels incredibly liberating to have to make all the decisions - yes, we carry all the risks, but if we fail, it's our failure entirely. Over the last months, we have been busy deciding on a publishing queue for our project, finding the right partners, writing, editing, proofing. And writing. Did I mention we write like mad, recently?

So, you can look ahead to a rather steady stream of books, lovingly written by Beryll and me, carefully edited and proofed, prettied up and sold via all the usual suspects. At least, we're looking forward to them. :)

I will keep you all updated about the developments in the coming weeks, and I hope some of you will be around when we celebrate the release of our next book early next year!
14 August 2015 @ 05:42 pm

Maybe some of you remember why this is relevant - but here is a picture of what I pinned to the lintel just above our main door.

I feel safer already. :D

16 July 2015 @ 02:43 pm
Wow, what an experience! I am still feeling rather giddy, even several days later. Even my completely banal day job couldn't douse my spirits.

There is little point in actually summing up the events one by one. I think the lovely Julie Bozza has made a tremendous job of that already, have a look here.

So, what made this con so special? The usual, of course - putting a bunch of people together who share the same passion and many experiences is bound to make for a really interesting and exciting time. And while this con definitely didn't always run as smooth as this German would have liked, the staff managed one pivotal thing to the point of perfection: From the youngest, shyest reader to the famous keynote speakers, everyone felt included. And probably because of that, conversations always started flying after a few sentences. We were readers, publishers, authors, each of us with varying degrees of experience - but it felt as if we were all just fans of the same genre, all chatting each other up, trying to get more fun out of the whole business.

It was great. It was exciting, productive, inspiring, and last but not least, encouraging.

So a big hug and 'thank you' to Marc, Dani Elle, Anna and all the others for their great work.

And personally? The panel I felt so insecure about actually turned out pretty great. I mean, it wasn't hard considering I was sitting there with Rebecca Cohen and Justine Saracen. Even though we didn't really find anything we could disagree upon, we managed to talk about what makes historical romances tick, and where we would draw the lines to alternate history, steampunk or historical fantasy (or, as Justine put it: historical goofing off - a completely respectable genre!).

The few books I brought were sold and signed in no time, and I am still completely flabbergasted by that fact. Admittedly, the cover of Lovers in Arms is outstanding, and a strong selling point in its own right besides fitting the story perfectly. So kudos to Natalya Nesterova, who did the artwork.

So in sum, there is only one thing left to say - come 2016, I will be back for EuroPrideCon in Berlin!